The Blueprint For Educational Change

Building the Strongest Educational Pipeline in the Country


  • Susan Dawson
  • President & Executive Director
  • E3 Alliance

2023 Goals

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Our Mission,

Systemic Change so ALL can succeed


E3 Alliance is a regional, data-driven education collaborative based in Central Texas and now expanding our work across the state. We are helping to build the strongest, most equitable educational pipeline in the country to drive economic prosperity. As a pioneer in collective impact, E3 Alliance partners with a broad range of community representatives to work together on achieving lasting systemic change.


Since 2006, we have worked collaboratively to change education systems, working directly with students and families to identify goals, partnering deeply with 15 school districts, eight institutions of higher education, and over 200 businesses, nonprofits, and policy leaders across Central Texas to address complex community issues in education. Our combined efforts seek to improve student outcomes across every demographic of our 600,000 children and students throughout the region — from cradle to career!


Use of objective data and our Theory of Change guides every initiative of The Blueprint for Educational Change™. This leads to a clear path toward collective action and transformation in practices, while highlighting the importance of understanding the data with our Central Texas community. Together, we take action to change systems that ultimately sustains a high-performance culture for our students.

Theory of Change

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